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I would like to introduce an exciting idea being promoted by the BATC for a TV station streamed through the internet, for the direct benefit of the radio and television enthusiasts and educational organisations.

The convergence of television broadcasting and material delivered through the internet has been much quoted in the general press, this new TV station brings together elements of both delivery methods to the benefit of those interested in ATV, radio, presentation and editing, and any related techniques.

We aim to produce as broad a content as we can, and we will actively promote new ideas. This will include material from non licensed contributors together with existing active stations. Access to the station output will be free to all, but where live contributions are taken from existing television repeaters, a simple log-in process will apply.

We plan to include the following content:

  • Live streaming of notable events, including lectures.
  • Replay of new and archive material from a large streaming store.
  • Presentation of multiple UK TV repeater with the possibility of European and other repeaters world wide.
  • A reverse talk-back arrangement to inter-link repeaters or individual stations.
  • Active encouragement for a national emergency linking platform.
  • Provide a platform for technical training material.

The server will operate from a high speed server located in the London docklands, and our aim is to create a near live path for real time tv based on Flash Video streams. The Flash players are free to download, and current have the largest user base, world wide.

The BATC is a non profit organisation and we are fortunate to have a significant donor for the large server and store needed for the project. We do however have some running costs to feed the high speed UK internet network. We are seeking sponsorship to help defray this cost by including a limited number of sponsor opportunities on the opening and internal pages of the station. A logo would be present for the sponsoring party and include a link to a named website.

May I invite you to become a sponsor, £250 will provide an on-screen logo for 12 months, and £400 will support a 24 month period. We anticipate this site will be viewed not only in UK and greater Europe but world wide.

We would welcome your support for this ambitious project and I look forward to your reply.

Peter Blakeborough, President BATC

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